Wellness Centre: Body, Mind & Spirit

A community of people with high integrity working together to support each other in both the physical world and in the inner world, bringing all to a deeper understanding of All That Is.



We, at the Centre for Spiritual Living - Campbell River, have an unfolding vision, which we know the local community appreciates. The Centre is a conscious community of individuals living the highest vision of who they are, helping others to reach their own success.

We have developerd a unique, multi-use facility operating under the principles upheld in the Science of Mind© teaching. This is located at 516 S. Dogwood St, in the heart of Campbell River.

This building provides space for offices, classroom, workshops, support groups, children’s programs, healing rooms, large groups and fitness. The Wellness Centre makes possible a broader outreach enabling a greater work, that being to awaken individuals to their magnificence!

This is achieved by teaching the practical application of Science of Mind principles and spiritual tools that empower lives such as meditation, affirmative prayer, journaling, and dialogue.

Reverend Jill Brocklehurst, Spiritual Director, will be happy to share the expanded vision with you. Just email her at office@cslcampbellriver.org.


What are the Principles of Science of Mind?

Science of Mind© teaches the unity of all life. The philosophy is based on the idea that when thoughts and feelings are directed toward positive goals, more joy, love, prosperity, health and success are created in our experience. Based on the book by Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, and augmented by a wide range of other New Thought texts, this is a practical spiritual teaching that draws on the wisdom of the ages, and honours all paths to God.


What is the Centre for Spiritual Living - Campbell River?

The Centre for Spiritual Living - Campbell River is a community dedicated to empowering individuals to discover an inner power that has the ability to transform their lives and make the world a better place. We are inclusive as to spiritual background, race, gender, lifestyle and sexual orientation. Established in Campbell River 2003, we participate in and organize local community outreach activities including: Interfaith Peace Celebrations, Relief Charity Events, Hospice, Women’s Shelter, Cinema Night, Fitness and Fun activities, Support Groups, Meditation, Spiritual and hold Sunday Celebrations.


Past Events